A team of scientists is enlisting public support to help produce a more comprehensive inventory of carbon doxide emissions from power plants globally, urging citizens to identify power plants in their communities with a new digital app. While data from some of the world’s industrialized regions including the U.S. and Europe  are already widely available, researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) say specific information on carbon emissions from most parts of the world is difficult to obtain. “It turns out that we know far less about fossil fuels than we though we did,” Kevin Gurney, an emissions modeler at ASU and co-leader of the so-called Ventus Project, told Nature.


Existing CO2 Data

The picture is a sample of power plants in our database. With your help we hope to build upon this solid foundation, with enhanced detail in the data collected, in terms of geographical accuracy and subsequent emissions calculations. Remember, every piece of new information you add is important to our understanding the of global carbon dioxide picture.