Day’s observation birds, at Malaga; South Spain

On Saturday, the 30th of April, the consulting one of environment SFERA PROYECTO AMBIENTAL, e-mail ( , a day will develop presencial of anillamiento scientist and observation of birds in the Nature reserve of Mounts of Malaga (Malaga, Andalusian). The price of this day will be of 30 € for person ornithologist includes the price of the day with a specialist where one will give a chat for the recognition of species, food and the drink. The group will belong 20 persons and the inscription will be opened until April 7. Programming:

 – 7:00 hours. In the gas station of the Tana, before the exit to the Marsh of the Hole. – Groups will be done to take the minimal possible vehicles.

– 8:00 hours. Arrival to Hill Wind. – Placement of the networks.

 – 13:30 hours gathered from the networks.

– 14:30 hours. Arrival to Torrijos.
 – 14:45 hours. I have lunch. Sandwich and drink.
 – 15:30 hours. I begin observation of birds of forest for Torrijos’s surroundings and at the same time to listen to his singings.
 – 21:30 hours, end of the activity.

 To be present at the event is necessary to realize the revenue of 30 €. Indicating Name and Surnames and the reason: Anillamiento On April 30. Later, to send to the voucher of payment and information of contact (name, surnames, e-mail and telephone).


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